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Plug and Plant Organic Cultivation Solutions

Wasting energy and capital on time consuming build outs?

Agdaptive’s proven state of the art, self-contained systems arrive ready to grow in a matter of hours. With modularity in mind, cultivators can start at any size or scale and expand rapidly based on their needs. Exceptional performance with the industry’s lowest operating costs. Producing craft quality product dependably on a commercial scale has never been easier!

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    Integrated Management An interconnected control platform allows you to oversee and maintain every aspect of your operation more effectively, both individually and collectively
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    Centralized Infrastructure Managing 2 units or 100, our centrally focused heating, cooling, and air flow technologies are designed to reduce scaled operating costs while driving performance
  • Data Analytics Cloud-based software interprets and prioritizes vital data, relaying actionable information to cultivators in order improve results over every harvest cycle

Commercial Facility Overview Schematic


We are partnered with one of the leading engineering and manufacturing companies, not just in the containerized farming space, but in the world. We’re working together to streamline our production capabilities, increase capacity, and reduce production time. Our partner is ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001 certified, RoHS and lead free, Intertek, CSA, and CE Approved, as well as NSF Compliant. With over 120 years of fabrication experience, we are capable of producing the highest quality, controlled environment cultivation systems in the world, backed by industry leading product designers, manufacturing specialists, and quality control engineers. Given our capabilities, we can handle products small or large quickly and professionally. We work with you to plan the best facility layout to reach your growing goals!