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Space Utilization

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Constructed with world class components for cultivation, our systems employ superior canopy space, pinpoint controls, precise data management, and real time sensors and imaging. Deliverable in a fraction of the time, at a lower price point than traditional construction .

Did we mention it uses 50% less energy?

Industry Standard with HPS

Facility Average Yield: .6g/kWh
Light Distance Above Plants: 36 inches
Canopy Average PPFD: 700
HVAC Loads: 25% more
Average THC Production Levels: Lower
Overall: Greater Electric Reheat Required

Our Revolutionary LED System

Facility Average Yield: 1.4g/kWh
Light Distance Above Plants: 6-10 inches
Canopy Average PPFD: 1300
HVAC Loads: 30% less
Average THC Production Levels: Higher
Overall: Less Cooling Required
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    ENERGY EFFICIENCY Gauge operational costs initially and over time while mitigating risks, improving effectiveness, and bolstering margins. By centralizing technologies for large scale setups, we’ve eliminated the individual constraints posed by single strain rooms, while maintaining isolation and driving capacity. Keen on saving resources and improving processes, we’re committed to generating long term success for our growers!
Energy Calculator

Explore our energy and operational calculators to see your potential compared to traditional setup

Agdaptive Facility

Traditional Facility

*Based on cost per kilowatt hour of energy used by operating equipment